Happy Australia Day

Today is Australia Day. Or in Australian, ‘Straya Day’. Typically, people would spend today out in the sun, BBQing, playing cricket, going to the beach, or enjoying a picnic. However, the weather this year is shitty and rainy, so I’m guessing most people will be cooped up inside, dreaming of sunny days instead.

My plans, on the other hand, haven’t been ruined one bit by the rain. I’m going to see this guy:

Image Courtesy of last.fm

That, for anyone who’s been living under a rock, is Keith Urban. Aussie, country singer, husband to Nicole Kidman, and pretty darn hot, if you ask me. OK, even if you don’t ask me.  Second row, centre is where I’ll be. Although, I’m sure we’ll end up bunching at the front of the stage, screaming like crazed schoolgirls.

I can’t think of a better, more country Australian way to spend my Aussie Day night. Well, except knocking back a few beers and eating a ‘snag’ with my mates. I’ll have to find a sausage sizzle somewhere…

What are you doing this Australia Day?


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