Ecstasies and Agonies

Last night Keith Urban made love to almost fifteen thousand people.

Keith rocking out. Taken from the Brisbane Times website.

Okay, so not literally—I’m not sure his wife (Nicole Kidman) would approve of that. Yet, had you been standing within earshot of the packed Brisbane Entertainment Centre, you could well have been mistaken for believing he had. The ultimate puppet-master, we were all at the mercy of his strings—guitar strings that is—and voice.

From the opening notes of his first song, through guest appearances by Darren Percival and four very lucky (two very drunk) audience members, to the final bows and waves, Keith and his band had us all enthralled. And very much in love. I was so enraptured I completely missed my favourite song, and still can’t remember my apparent joyous chorus of You’re my Better Half.

Being Australia Day, there was much revelry amongst the crowd, and Keith happily joined in, wishing everyone a happy “Straya Day!” and crooning Aussie classics, like I Still Call Australia Home. The epitome of the Aussie larrikin, he laughed with the crowd at the antics of the drunks, excitedly threw on a Caboolture State School jersey when one of the stage-treading audience members announced he was from Keith’s home suburb, and urged us to get up and dance on our seats.

He utilised as much of the venue as possible—performing from three separate stages, and even setting up a microphone in the middle of the cheaper seats, before handing one lucky (and very envied) lady one of his guitars! Just gave it away, ‘cause that’s how cool he is. He and his bands threw countless picks and two sets of drumsticks to the crowd and, at the end of the night, he tossed his sweatbands our way as well. I managed to walk away with a pick from my favourite member of his band—Danny Rader—thanks to Miss Vodka’s generosity.

Keith’s crooning of Tonight I  Wanna Cry, had me close to tears myself, while Who Wouldn’t Wanna be Me had me euphoric with joy. On more than one occasion he danced with his guitar—writhing with such an air of sensuality you could hardly blame a girl for feeling slightly turned on. Seriously, hot guy singing and playing guitar, can you really blame me?

On less fun note, tonight’s concert has been postponedm due to severe weather conditions currently wreaking havoc over most of Queensland. While we were delighting in Keith’s music and talent, cyclonic winds and rains were buffeting the state. Travelling down the coast over the past week, and continuing tomorrow, the storms have caused flash flooding, closed roads, and destroyed homes. Hundreds have been evacuated throughout the state, and many more are stranded.

Cheryl McDowell outside her Bundaberg home which, like so many others, is currently flooded. courtesy of Yahoo News.

My thoughts are with those affected—here’s hoping they are able to get back on their feet quickly, and able to experience the joy and excitement I and my fellow Keith Urban fans experiences last night.


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