Things Megan Morton Loves

I share a lot of things I love with all of you. In fact, this blog is pretty much dedicated to things I love. Tonight’s not too different—I’m still talking about something I love—but it’s also something that talks about someone else’s loves.

Confused?  Let me explain.

Sydney stylist, Megan Morton wrote a book. It’s called Things I Love.

Things I Love is available from Megan’s website for $AU49.00.

It’s about things she loves. I love it. I want it. Especially the fun postcards in the middle:

Things I Love tear-out postcards image courtesy of The Design Files.

Cool, right? But, I also want it so I can spend quiet moments flipping through the gorgeously presented pages of style info, interviews, ideas, and imagery. It would make the perfect coffee table book for any design office or artsy business, or perhaps just your average lounge room.

I desire it desperately. Anyone want to buy me a copy?


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