Bedroom Talk

I’m not so good at doing the sleeping. In fact, I’m terrible at it, finally drifting off most nights at around 4am. This makes it nearly impossible to drag myself out of bed at even 8am of a morning. And certainly makes an afternoon nap an essential part of the day, whenever I have time to spare.

I’ve tried everything to get into a better sleep routine. From simply creating a bed-time structure which includes a specific bed-time each night, to food and herbal remedies, and even sleeping tablets which I hate taking because I know how easy it is to become reliant on them. But, even when I finally drift off, it’s into a rather fitful sleep, filled with very active dreams, and often nightmares.

While I’m still working on a cure for the whole getting-to-sleep thing, I’ve discovered that I sleep better, and more sound, when I’m snuggled close to things. I’ve always been a snuggle bunny, but summer’s heat has left me with a single sheet to avoid overheating. So now, I surround myself with pillows—six of them in fact—and, when I finally drift into dreamland, I’m happy as can be.

This is all a round-about way of telling you that I’ve discovered the perfect new bed. For me definitely, but I reckon there’s stacks of other snuggle bunnies out there who’d also love the soft-walled comfort of the Col-letto Bed.

Col-letto Bed, from LAGO.

Designed by Nusa Jelenec for Lagostudio, the Col-letto has a soft-collared edge, not unlike a turtle-neck  which can be rolled up or down to suit the level of noise penetrating your sleep, but I think it would also make for an added snugness to the bed. Not to mention it looks ultra cool—very hep. In fact, I can totally imagine this bed sitting in a dark café in the 60s, smoking a cigarette and talking about poetry and jazz.



I’ve just come home from a delicious dinner, and I’m feeling a wee bit food drunk. So, instead of attempting a post that won’t make sense, here’s a super cute kid and her awesome dad (actor, Jesse Teeters) doing the Muppet’s Menamena together. Check out her groovin along!

Cool dad, right?

My Endless Love: Awards Season Glamour.

It’s been a dull, rainy day here, and I’ve had lots of pattern cutting to do, which has given me plenty of time to watch the Oscars. I have to tell you though, don’t remember too many of the lucky winners because, as usual, I was too busy looking at all the pretty dresses.

I love awards season fashion. I love seeing the gents all suited up because, let’s face it, nothing is as sexy as a man in a suit. Nothing. But the ladies are why I watch. Seeing gorgeous women swanning along the Red Carpet looking like princesses always excites me. I love seeing what they decided was ‘it’ this year, and watching my favourites get it just right.

don’t love the cattiness of ‘worst dressed lists’ and snide comments about who ‘got it wrong’. Celebrities may choose to be famous, but nobody chooses, or deserves, to be attacked simply because their idea of style is different to someone else’s…unless you think Mullet perms are ok.  So I’m not going to share any of the train wrecks with you. Instead, here’s my top three Oscars looks for 2013:

Naomi Watts looked stunning (as usual) in this Giorgio Armani Prive gown. I love the slightly Art Deco-ness of it…and the copious amounts of sparkles.

Naomi Watts sparking in Armani Prive. Image via Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

Jessica Chastain was a walking Oscars statuette. Another Armani Prive frock, this little number was classic glamour, and looked stunning with her red lips and gorgeous titian curls.

Jessica Chastain looking every bit an Oscars goddess. Image courtesy of Just Jared.

Proving waifish white girls aren’t the only ones who can shine in a gown, Octavia Spencer looked every bit the princess in her custom Tadashi Shoji. I love it.

Belle of the ball, Octavia Spencer. Perez Hilton, totally agrees with me.

And remember how I was saying kindness is stylish? Well, so is chivalry. I cheered a little when Hugh Jackman came to Jennifer Lawrence’s rescue after she tripped on the stairs.

Can the man be any more divine?

Heidielka Turns One.

Today I turned twenty-nine. Just another year, really, although also only one year away from thirty. But nothing special. Certainly nothing to write home about. For Heidielka on the other hand, it is a special day indeed—my blog’s very first birthday.

I started Heidielka on my birthday last year. Partially because that day I specifically felt like writing, and partially because it seemed like as good a day as any to go on a new adventure. Initially, this space didn’t feel much like anything. It was new, still slightly confusing to navigate, and I had no idea if I’d feel like bothering with updating it ever again. Now, Heidielka feels like home. It has become a space where I can vent about things that are bothering me, a stage to share bits and pieces of art and music I just have to tell everyone about, and a jumping off point to get my inspiration going when it’s running slow.

Heidielka is where I find my thoughts wandering when I can’t sleep at 3am. Or my reminder that I can’t simply sleep all day—I have a post to write. And it’s also one of very few things this past year, outside friends and family, that has kept me sane. Watching my stats slowly climb, discovering interesting new blogs from their “likes” on my posts, and being complimented in comments has registered a strange level of importance in my daily life.

From planning to blog at least once a week, I’ve started blogging every day (almost). Some days I grudgingly trudge through a post, but most I sit down to write with excitement and joy, grateful to have a space where I can share whatever happens to be on my mind that day.

I’m still not happy with my lay-out—something I plan to fix in the near future—but Heidielka certainly has become like a favourite blanket. I love planning my posts, researching topics, and tapping away at each one. I even like looking back on the (often badly written) past posts, and remembering what’s happened over the year.

I have to say thank you to my loyal readers, those I know and those I don’t. I would still blog even if I knew nobody ever ready any of it, but it’s nice to have encouragement along the way. I don’t know yet what this next year holds for either myself or Heidielka, but you can be assured that this time next year there will be a thirtieth birthday for me, and a very important second birthday for Heidielka.

Fashion Friday: Kindness

Okay, so maybe my topic choice tonight seems like a bit of a stretch. But, seriously, when have you ever thought someone who was kind to you was unfashionable for their actions. Personally, I think kindness is the coolest look ever.

See this:

Fashion Friday - Birthday Kindess

This is my birthday haul. Yes, haul. All that stuff is from just three brilliant, fantastic, Ah-mazing ladies, who just happen to be three of my bestest friends in the whole world (and not just because that give me cool shiz). Not only have I been showered with gifts tonight, I’ve been completely overwhelmed by kindness.

Tonight was to be a movie night/dinner at Helva’s place—just a casual get-together, not unlike many we have had in the past. I kinda knew something was up, however, when the planning took a decidedly “hands-off, Heidi!” turn. And by “up”, I mean geared towards a semi-surprise party for me. My suspicions were confirmed on arrival at Helva’s, mainly from the copious amounts of wrapped items sitting in wait. That said, every gift was a pleasant surprise. Not going to lie, dying to finish this post so I can pore through my books before sleep.

But wait…there’s more! (Nineties home shopping, anyone?). There had been some mention of frocking up for this movie night which, quite frankly, I was incredibly un-keen for this afternoon—I was, in fact, an inch away from donning trackies and a tee. Luckily, I chose some semblance of a dress-leggings combo, because it turned out that their little surprise included a lovely dinner at one of Toowoomba’s finest restaurants.

I had a bit of a whinge about not looking the part, and not being prepared to go out for dinner, etc. But within five minutes of sitting down I’d forgotten all about the lack of make-up and unbrushed hair. Dinner was delicious. If you’re ever in Toowoomba, head to Veraison—it’s not cheap, but each bite is worth a week’s salary. The company was spectacular, although we probably need to work on our inside voices and topic choices. Er, rhyme not intended. And the sentiment behind it was utterly wonderful.

As I type this last bit I’m tearing up, but for very different reasons than those, that left me foetal on my bed earlier today. The past few weeks (months, years) have really shaken me. I’ve spent many days wondering how to dig myself out of this ever-widening hole, and many more days simply deciding it’s maybe just not worth the effort. Tonight three ladies proved me wrong, because just getting to spend time with them makes it worth all the effort.

Helva, Wabi, and Rendez, thank you. I know I had a moan over the unexpectedness of it all, but I truly appreciated tonight. Thank you for being such wonderful, caring, beautiful women. Kindness looks good on you.