My Endless Love: Inspiration

Six days from now marks exactly one year since this blog was born. I created Heidielka for two reasons:

  1. To provide a space where I could share all the wonderful, beautiful, and clever things I came across it my internet travels.
  2. To provide a space of inspiration for myself—a space that allowed me a reason to pour forth my thoughts, ideas, and creativity without the necessary need for response (although comments are always welcomed with a joyous squeal on the inside.)

Inspiration is a big thing. It’s what keeps your passion flowing, or ignites new passions. It can come from the most obvious places—a favourite artist, a revered musician, a respected colleague—or it can appear unexpectedly, from the last place you’d expect to look.

While I originally hoped Heidielka would provide me with the inspiration to write and create daily, I never expected I would become an inspiration for anyone else. I never even really expected anyone, other than my devoted friends, to visit my blog. So, on Christmas Eve, when my inbox lit up with a note from Miss Marzipan telling me she’d nominated me of all people for a Sunshine Award, I was blown away.

The Sunshine Award, symbolised by a flower, is presented by bloggers to other “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”.

I’m honoured (and slightly surprised) that Miss Marzipan sees me as an inspiration, and am excited to share with you ten of my favourite places for inspiration around the interwebs.  As is customary with blog awards, there are a few rules I must follow:

  1. Acknowledge the person who gave this award in a blog post.
  2. Do the Q&A below.
  3. Pass on the award to 10 deserving and inspiring bloggers, inform them and link to their blogs.

Pretty easy rules, eh? So without further ado:


Who is your favourite philosopher? Winnie the Pooh. “Piglet: How do you spell love? Pooh: You don’t spell it, you feel it.”  —Winnie the Pooh, written by A.A. Milne

What is your favourite number? 13

What is your favourite animal? Cats…and baby elephants.

What is your favourite time of day? Late afternoon—it’s when I feel most awake and effective.

What are your Facebook and Twitter? Twitter is Heidielka, as is my Pinterest. I’m not yet brave enough to link my Facebook with my blog.

What is your favourite holiday? Christmas—so much wonderful food and music!

What is your physical favourite activity? Swimming, especially in the rain.

What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? Juice, which Wabi constantly reminds me is EVIL.

What is your passion? Creating. Sewing, crafting, writing, decorating—anything that involves bringing something new and wonderful into the world.

What is your favourite flower? Lilies and dahlias.

My Inspiration

  1. One Good Thing: Wabi inspires me constantly, both on and offline, with her writing ,thinking, cooking, and general ability to rock at life.
  2. spaces inbetween: Formerly of Sasasunakku, Saya’s clever word and food creations, and her wonderfully thoughtful look at things is my favourite thinking blog.
  3. Canadian Hiking Photography: Patrick Latter makes me wish I was better at taking photos…and lived in Canada.
  4. Boy with a Hat: Short snippets of writing with so much detail and astuteness. This man should be better known.
  5. Lovers, Saints & Sailors: Style, writing, awesomeness—Selise and her blog are just a bundle of whimsy and delight.
  6. A Beautiful Mess: Two girls after my own heart—creation, inspiration, lifelong learning. Elsie and Emma have skillz, and they’re not afraid to share.
  7. Grosgrain: For a couple of months I was addicted to this blog. Seriously. I visited it daily, poring over every back-post until I’d devoured everything. Now I only go there once a week to see what crafty creations Kathleen is cooking up. Um…that wasn’t meant to be a crazy alliterative sentence.
  8. Raspberri Cupcakes: Steph makes amazing, yummy, clever, delicious sweet stuff, and the occasional savoury. I want her brain so I can dream up fabulousness like this Orange Cake with Fruit Tingles Icing.
  9. Fellow Fellow: An Aussie living in Singapore, who blogs about food, DIY, and freebies—three of my absolute favourite things.
  10. Chocolate-Covered Katie: Healthy decadent desserts. No mis-type. Katie’s blog is a treasure trove of yummy treats that won’t kill your diet (or you).

So that’s where my inspiration comes from. Check these blogs out. I promise you’ll enjoy them, and maybe even be inspired.


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