Happy-Making Things.

Yesterday I was absent—busy dealing with another annoying migraine. I left work early today, still feeling a bit migraine-ey.  Last week, I was feeling so crummy, that a migraine would have left me in a crumbling heap. But that was last week.

This week, I have no time for miserableness and feeling sorry for myself. Not when Wabi is writing posts like this. I was in fits of laughter-induced tears. I love her.

Besides Wabi’s awesomeness, Monday left me feeling all heroic and super-sewer like. I made these cute pyjama shorts for my cousin:

2013-02-20 17.21.31

They’re a tester for a future hair-brained scheme, which I’m keeping mum about until I’m sure it has potential.

There’s still plenty of the week left, but I reckon things can only get better from here.

And if I had any Eeyore left in me on Friday, I can always watch these kitties again. I dare you not to giggle:

Go home kitties, you stoned.


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