Heidielka Turns One.

Today I turned twenty-nine. Just another year, really, although also only one year away from thirty. But nothing special. Certainly nothing to write home about. For Heidielka on the other hand, it is a special day indeed—my blog’s very first birthday.

I started Heidielka on my birthday last year. Partially because that day I specifically felt like writing, and partially because it seemed like as good a day as any to go on a new adventure. Initially, this space didn’t feel much like anything. It was new, still slightly confusing to navigate, and I had no idea if I’d feel like bothering with updating it ever again. Now, Heidielka feels like home. It has become a space where I can vent about things that are bothering me, a stage to share bits and pieces of art and music I just have to tell everyone about, and a jumping off point to get my inspiration going when it’s running slow.

Heidielka is where I find my thoughts wandering when I can’t sleep at 3am. Or my reminder that I can’t simply sleep all day—I have a post to write. And it’s also one of very few things this past year, outside friends and family, that has kept me sane. Watching my stats slowly climb, discovering interesting new blogs from their “likes” on my posts, and being complimented in comments has registered a strange level of importance in my daily life.

From planning to blog at least once a week, I’ve started blogging every day (almost). Some days I grudgingly trudge through a post, but most I sit down to write with excitement and joy, grateful to have a space where I can share whatever happens to be on my mind that day.

I’m still not happy with my lay-out—something I plan to fix in the near future—but Heidielka certainly has become like a favourite blanket. I love planning my posts, researching topics, and tapping away at each one. I even like looking back on the (often badly written) past posts, and remembering what’s happened over the year.

I have to say thank you to my loyal readers, those I know and those I don’t. I would still blog even if I knew nobody ever ready any of it, but it’s nice to have encouragement along the way. I don’t know yet what this next year holds for either myself or Heidielka, but you can be assured that this time next year there will be a thirtieth birthday for me, and a very important second birthday for Heidielka.


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