My Endless Love: Awards Season Glamour.

It’s been a dull, rainy day here, and I’ve had lots of pattern cutting to do, which has given me plenty of time to watch the Oscars. I have to tell you though, don’t remember too many of the lucky winners because, as usual, I was too busy looking at all the pretty dresses.

I love awards season fashion. I love seeing the gents all suited up because, let’s face it, nothing is as sexy as a man in a suit. Nothing. But the ladies are why I watch. Seeing gorgeous women swanning along the Red Carpet looking like princesses always excites me. I love seeing what they decided was ‘it’ this year, and watching my favourites get it just right.

don’t love the cattiness of ‘worst dressed lists’ and snide comments about who ‘got it wrong’. Celebrities may choose to be famous, but nobody chooses, or deserves, to be attacked simply because their idea of style is different to someone else’s…unless you think Mullet perms are ok.  So I’m not going to share any of the train wrecks with you. Instead, here’s my top three Oscars looks for 2013:

Naomi Watts looked stunning (as usual) in this Giorgio Armani Prive gown. I love the slightly Art Deco-ness of it…and the copious amounts of sparkles.

Naomi Watts sparking in Armani Prive. Image via Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

Jessica Chastain was a walking Oscars statuette. Another Armani Prive frock, this little number was classic glamour, and looked stunning with her red lips and gorgeous titian curls.

Jessica Chastain looking every bit an Oscars goddess. Image courtesy of Just Jared.

Proving waifish white girls aren’t the only ones who can shine in a gown, Octavia Spencer looked every bit the princess in her custom Tadashi Shoji. I love it.

Belle of the ball, Octavia Spencer. Perez Hilton, totally agrees with me.

And remember how I was saying kindness is stylish? Well, so is chivalry. I cheered a little when Hugh Jackman came to Jennifer Lawrence’s rescue after she tripped on the stairs.

Can the man be any more divine?


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