Bedroom Talk

I’m not so good at doing the sleeping. In fact, I’m terrible at it, finally drifting off most nights at around 4am. This makes it nearly impossible to drag myself out of bed at even 8am of a morning. And certainly makes an afternoon nap an essential part of the day, whenever I have time to spare.

I’ve tried everything to get into a better sleep routine. From simply creating a bed-time structure which includes a specific bed-time each night, to food and herbal remedies, and even sleeping tablets which I hate taking because I know how easy it is to become reliant on them. But, even when I finally drift off, it’s into a rather fitful sleep, filled with very active dreams, and often nightmares.

While I’m still working on a cure for the whole getting-to-sleep thing, I’ve discovered that I sleep better, and more sound, when I’m snuggled close to things. I’ve always been a snuggle bunny, but summer’s heat has left me with a single sheet to avoid overheating. So now, I surround myself with pillows—six of them in fact—and, when I finally drift into dreamland, I’m happy as can be.

This is all a round-about way of telling you that I’ve discovered the perfect new bed. For me definitely, but I reckon there’s stacks of other snuggle bunnies out there who’d also love the soft-walled comfort of the Col-letto Bed.

Col-letto Bed, from LAGO.

Designed by Nusa Jelenec for Lagostudio, the Col-letto has a soft-collared edge, not unlike a turtle-neck  which can be rolled up or down to suit the level of noise penetrating your sleep, but I think it would also make for an added snugness to the bed. Not to mention it looks ultra cool—very hep. In fact, I can totally imagine this bed sitting in a dark café in the 60s, smoking a cigarette and talking about poetry and jazz.


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