Music Box: Beetle in the Box

Sooo…It turns out getting back into daily blogging isn’t as easy as I thought. I should have realised that.

You see, I’ve spent the last few weeks trying very hard to use my computer less. It’s been successful to some extent. I’ve had runs of up to three days when I haven’t touched my laptop at all…buuuut these have usually been on days when I’m already overrun with tasks and too exhausted to even consider digital communication by the time I have a free minute. So maybe I cheated a little. BUT, the it has been good to reduce my usage, and not rely on the internet to keep me company when I couldn’t sleep.

Down side: less reliance, means much easier to skip blogging.

I’ll find a happy medium, I’m sure. In the mean time, here’s a song from a Glaswegian band called Admiral Fallow. I heard it on an episode of The Big C (watch out for a future blog-rave on said show). Anyways, the lyrics instantly had me hooked. Not to mention I have a soft spot for beautiful Scottish voices.

Watch. Listen. Love.


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