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Tonight, I thought I might share with you how Heidielka came to be named. It’s not a normal name, and it’s not really my name, if you hadn’t already guessed. I’m Heidi, but Heidielka, well she’s me as well, just a friendlier version.

I like nicknames, but I’m not really a fan of those based around a person’s name, especially if it involved shortening it. For the most part, we all have reasonably easy, short names already. Of course, there are some poor children blessed with a hyphenated, alphabet-vomit of letters to deal with, making every form an epic battle of penmanship. But for the majority of us, it doesn’t get much worse than Ann/Anne or Allan/Allen. So why bother trying to improve on something already pretty good? And for goodness sake, why do it with people you barely know, when a nickname is often a representation of closeness? 

With a name like Heidi, you’d think there wouldn’t be too much you can do with it. Wrong. Most of the familiar terms I’ve heard aren’t too bad—Heids, Heidi-Ho, Heidalina—but there are definitely some that are just not cool. I have a serious aversion to people calling me ‘Hide’, mainly because I’m not a verb. And the Flanders’ Hidely Ho thing has been done to death. Seriously, just…no.

My favourite nickname of all, though, was given to me by Wabi, sometime back in high school. Heidielka was born, I think, simply from her love of German, but maybe she can shed some more light on that for me? She’s the only person to have ever called me it, something I never realised until naming this Blog, but it is by far my favourite nickname. In fact, it’s my favourite form of my name. Strong, yet sweet, it sounds almost like a spiced biscuit, or maybe a little German doll.

I’ve run the gamut of blogs—livejournal, blogger, and many others I can’t quite remember—and each had its own unique name. So when it came to conjuring a witty and intelligent name for my new writing space, I spent a while trying to figure out what I was wanting it to be about. I realised what I was after was me, but with a bit extra, and that pretty much exactly what Heidielka is, right? It fit perfectly.  

So there you have it. I’m not sure you were wondering, but in case you were, that’s how Heidielka came to be called, well, Heidielka. All thanks to Wabi and her clever word-nerdage.  

How do you feel about nicknames? Any favourites, or pet-hates?


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