Of Biscuits and Birthdays


Okay, so I promised cake, and cake you shall have. Tada!

(Please forgive my extensively bad photography skills)

(Please forgive my extensively bad photography skills)

This masterpiece is the cake I baked last night/today, in honour of my dear friend Wabi. She turned twenty-nine today and, while this has been far from a great year for her so far, I hope today was at least one she can look back and smile about. That’s what the cake was about—giving her something to smile about.

I went to the supermarket with no idea what I was going to make. I knew I was going for cake, but I had no idea what sort, what flavour, or what size. Wandering the aisles I picked up the basics—eggs, chocolate, almond meal—and tried to figure out how to make my cake super special. And then I remembered that Wabi and I are both huge fans of the incredibly clever Steph, from Raspberri Cupcakes. Bam! Suddenly I knew exactly where this cake was going.

Before we get to the cake, let me tell you a bit about Raspberri Cupcakes, and the lady behind it. Steph is an Aussie food fiend who loves to bake, especially if it involves creating something unique. Her creations are amazing. From Milo Cheesecake with a chocolate crackle crust, to a giant Tim Tam cake, and her ultra-cool beetroot lollipops, you’re bound to find something extra special you just have to make. Check her out, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Alright, back to the cake. As I said, my inspiration came directly from Steph’s reinterpretation of classic treats. I originally thought I might do a Monte Carlo but, after realising it would essentially be a sponge filled with cream and strawberries, I decided the fanciful Iced Vovo would be much more fun. I had meant to take photos during the process but…I left it until the last minute to put the darn thing together, and ran out of time.

BTW, it was a hit! Not only did it look like an Iced Vovo, it tasted amazing. People even went back for seconds. So I figure I better give you the recipe. I used two separate cakes for this: an Almond and Coconut cake from Wayfaring Chocolate, and a flourless chocolate number via Gluten Free Mommy—both moist, light, and fabulous on their own as well. The original Almond and Coconut cake called for raspberries dotted throughout but, knowing I was using them on the top as well, I decided to omit them from the cake.  Because Wabi and I are both trying to eat better, I also substituted the sugar in both cakes for Xylitol. Oh, and I baked the cakes in a low lamington/slice pan, about 27cm x 18cm.

To assemble, I left the coconut cake as it was, to give the cake a biscuit-look about it. The chocolate cake I cut into thirds longways, ending up with two long thin bars and a spare for when I stuffed up (which I did). I trimmed the edges so each bar was nice and neat, and then coated them in a basic cream cheese frosting, tinted a pretty pink. I plonked the bars on top of the coconut cake, just in from the edge so you could still see the bottom layer, and then doused them in a layer of moist shredded coconut. The last step was super easy. A dash of jam down the centre, between the two chocolate bars, and then as many raspberries as possible crammed on top of the jam. Voila! A giant sugar and gluten free Iced Vovo.

Happy Birthday Amber Wabi, hope you had a fantastic day.


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