Ode to the Nurse

This week is International Nurse’s Week. In fact, yesterday was International Nurse’s Day. I think nurses don’t get nearly enough credit, especially in comparison to others in the health field.

Maybe I’m biased. You see, I know a lot of nurses. My mother is an ex-nurse, my sister in-law is currently a nurse, as is probably half of my brother’s friends, as well as a stack of mine.  I considered becoming a nurse as well, but I wimped out at the thought of the long thankless hours, low pay, and endless sponge baths I’d have to give to old people. With parents who are often hurting themselves or sick and a list of my own injuries, I’ve also spent a lot of time dealing with nurses either as a patient’s friend, or a patient myself. So yeah, a bit of bias, but I reckon nurses deserve a pay scale a hell of a lot closer to what doctors get. Seriously, they at least need danger money—think of all the crazy, angry, nasty patients they face, not to mention the endless list of contagious illnesses.

Nurses are heroes. They work their butts of to help you get better, look after your ailing relatives, and keep you and your family in tip-top shape. They are the ones who are there when you wake up, groggy from anaesthetic, speaking garbled nonsense. They help you to the loo when you can barely walk, maybe even wipe your but for you, or bathe you. And then they also listen to you complain that you’re in pain, you need another pillow, or you ‘need’ a private room because the women next to you snores to loud. They listen, they placate, they medicate, and they heal. And they do it all on very little sleep and with their supervisors, doctors, and patient’s families breathing down their necks.

So here’s to all the nurses in our hospitals, nursing homes, doctors surgeries, and everywhere else they toil away so we can feel better. May your patient’s be friendly, your supervisors helpful, and your shoes not be filled with too much vomit.




2 thoughts on “Ode to the Nurse

  1. Very funny pict. Nurses are amazing. We live in a small community and after the occasional rush to Emergency we will bump into a nurse a week or two later at the store and they often come up to us and ask how we are doing.

    It is a profession I would not be good at. I’m sure glad there are so many who are VERY good at it.

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