Fashion Friday: Paperface Studios

I opened my computer racking my brain on what to write about tonight, and found I didn’t have to worry at all—I’d already left myself the perfect reminder. Wasting time this afternoon, I came across Paperface Studios on Etsy and, falling totally in love with the beautiful jewellery, left the page open to blog about it later. And then promptly forgot. I have the memory of a fish.

But enough about me, let me tell you about Paperface Studios. Marcella’s Etsy store is filled with whimsical and lovingly crafted jewellery, all hand-crafted and made from beautiful materials like sterling silver, brass, and glass. Her current items include an array of stunning necklaces, sweet earing, pretty bracelets, and intricate cufflinks from the downright cute (little black sheep), to the charming (real dandelions in lockets). What’s more, she does custom orders, so if there’s something you like, but want to change it up a bit, she can totally do it for you.

Fashion Friday - Paperface Studios

 Store: Paperface Studios

Store Locations: Online, via Etsy

International Shipping: YES! See delivery info for details.

Best Bits: Handcrafted jewellery made from sterling silver, brass, glass, and resin. Great range of styles and intricate designs, many coming in a number of colours or shapes. Ready-made and DIY items available, as well as custom order options. Great quality images and descriptions, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Reasonably priced—even more reason to buy up big (not that I need it). All necklaces include chain at no extra cost.

(All prices in AUD, based on current exchange rates)

1. Tarnish-free Silver Antlers on Sterling Silver Chain: $30.65

2. Silver-plated Wishbone Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain: $24.52

3. Silver-plated Pinwheel Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain: $22.48

4. Sterling Silver Bird Bracelet: $20.43

5. Red Heart Glass Locket Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain: $26.56

6. Tiny Sand Dollar Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain: $26.56

7. Dandelion Locket Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain: $26.56


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