My Favourite Lady

The Family: Dad, PJ, Mum, little Koshy, and little Heidielka.

The photo above is my family at my half-brother, PJ’s wedding. It’s probably obvious from how tiny I am (and the great hair-dos) that this was back in the early 80s, when I was just a tot. My mum in this photo is wearing her “special outing” get-up which, these days, would probably be considered quite daggy. Back then though, I thought this was the most stylish outfit ever. From the navy leather peep-toes, to the grey tweed, pleated skirt and square-cut blazer (which she still owns), I thought this look made her seem elegant, stylish, and feminine.

I probably didn’t have great taste as a kid. I did, however, have a bit of a hero complex when came to my mum. I still do. She’s the person I look up to the most, the one I endeavour to be like more and more, and the one person in this world who I know, without any doubt, has inspired the good in me.  Which is all that needs to be said, really. I mean, I could ramble on about the amazing things she’s done, her incredible resilience, her boundless heart, or her constant ability to teach me something new. But all it boils down to is this: if I had been able to choose my own mother, I’d choose her every single time. She’s the Bomb.

So, here’s to you Daffers! Happy Mother’s Day to you—and all the other strong, loving, and caring women out there—for giving up your sleep, money, and time to give others the chance to become the best people we can be. You deserve to be spoiled.


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