My Endless Love: My Bonnie Baby

I’ve already introduced my brother’s and my neighbour’s furbabies—both past and present—but you’ve yet to meet my own special lady. I’ve waited this long because it’s hard to sum up just how fantastic and wonderful I think she is, and how much I love her. Let me tell you about my girl, Bonnie, and how she came to be family.

One day, way back in grade twelve, I noticed an ad in the paper for giveaway puppies. The address was right around the corner from school, so I figured I’d drop past on the way home—just for a look of course. It was mid-winter and absolutely freezing that particular day, so the puppies were cuddled together in the corner of the pen, trying desperately trying to keep warm, but the moment they saw me they came bounding over, climbing on top of each other to get as close as possible. Except one.

The littlest of them all stayed huddled in the back corner, shivering. I picked her up and cuddled her close, and she nuzzled into me, sighed, and fell asleep. And I fell in love. I took her home that afternoon—a ball of fluff with tiny legs and a little pot belly—but forgot to get puppy food, so she ate the mince out of a meat pie for her dinner, licking it off my fingers as if she’d not eaten all week. She cried all night, stopping only when I joined her, and let her crawl into my lap.

Since then, Bonnie has been my baby. A red cattle dog cross corgi, she is stumpy and short with a fluffy, thick summer coat and a short, wiry winter one (weird, right?). She’s super intelligent and very naughty—always finding new ways to escape, or sneaking onto the outside table for a nap in the afternoon sun. And she has definitely has a personality. As she’s gotten older, she sulks terribly if you’re outside and not patting her, and demands her dinner earlier and earlier every night. But, even at almost-twelve, she’s still my puppy—bounding around and running in circles every time someone walks through the door.

I have missed her terribly whenever I’ve moved away, often coming home to visit her rather than the family. She always manages to make me smile when I’m in a rotten mood, or give me a laugh on bad days. And even when she is naughty, it’s hard to be mad at her, because she’s just so darn adorable:


Isn’t she the cutest?


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