A Good Tart

The end of the week seems to be fast slipping into a no-post warp-hole or something. Excuse: I usually end up feeling pretty crummy come Thursday. Also: I get lazy, and decide to watch trashy Youtube clips instead of posting. Bad Blogger!

Tonight, though, I just have to share with you these little darlings:

Le Tart

They are Chocolate and Raspberry Tarts, and they were for sale today at Encores Restaurant’s stand at the Hampton High Country Food and Arts Festival. Wabi, Rendez, and I all bought one, and the voting was unanimous: Ah-mazing! The chocolate was dark, rich, and smooth, and just warm enough to ooze slightly as you bit into it, and the pastry was buttery and crumbly, and not too sweet. The raspberry was…better than a cherry on top.

The rest of the festival was equally as good. It was a bitterly cold day, but the sun was shining brightly. All three of us were keen to see Poh, of Poh’s Kitchen and Master Chef fame, and she didn’t disappoint, cooking up a storm and telling inappropriate stories on stage.

The produce was varied, with something for everyone. Wabi and I both indulged in some kale from Homegrown Health, Rendez and I some incredible Sheep’s Milk cheese courtesy of Towri Sheep Cheeses, and all three of us grabbed a loaf of Chalala Micro Bakery’s gorgeous bread.  I cooked up a storm tonight, utilising all or my goodies, as well as some local lamb, and wasn’t surprised that the Pasta Riviera fresh egg pappardelle was met with ‘mmmm’s from both parents. Delicious. I only wish I had another one of those tarts for dessert.

The festival is over for this year, but if you’re in the area, or visiting, check these and the many other amazing produce the Darling Downs offers. And for those not close by, maybe plan a trip for this time next year, and check out the Hampton festival for yourself. Hopefully the weather will be a little less Artic.


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