Art Space: Butterfly Boheme

Butterfly Boheme by Lykke Steenbach Josephson, via Saatchi Online.


Flora and Fauna

I’ve been house-sitting just around the corner from where I live for the past few weeks. It’s been lovely. As much as I love my parents, living with them can sometimes become a bit much, so it’s been nice to have a bit of space. It’s also been conducive to getting study done, because I don’t constantly have people interrupting for chats, or help lifting car parts, or fixing computer glitches.

The house is really a bit big for one person but, with a bedroom crammed full at home, I’m enjoying the ample space. I’m also loving the wonderful gardens surrounding the house. Filled with lush greens of all shades, the garden is starting to pop with early spring colour. This tree is easily my favourite.

2013-08-26 14.26.28

If only the grass under it was nicer, I’d spend my afternoons lazily reading in its shade. Instead, I spend them chatting with this guy:

2013-08-26 14.28.14

I’ve named him Tino. He’s a tin horse sculpture that, on the first day I was here, scared the bejeezus out of me when I walked around the corner. It was dark, ok? He doesn’t talk much, but Tino is a great listener.

As are all you crazy kids who read my daily ramblings. Thanks. Here’s another flower in appreciation.

2013-08-26 14.27.34

Big Mouth

The older I get, the more I seem to be spouting things my mother says. Often things I used to shake my head at when she’d say them to me as a kid. Sometimes these things are somewhat embarrassing, or silly and I end up wishing I wasn’t quite so much my mother’s daughter. But, more often than not, they are welcome treasures that make me grateful to have been raised at such a wise and astute woman.

Via Elske.


And hey, it’s better my mother come out than, say my inner trashbag, right?


Breaking News…

So I had another post planned for today, but it has been usurped by a very important announcement:

I’m going to be an Aunt!

I’ve had my suspicions for a while, and have been pestering my mother to her great chagrin. Today my suspicions were proved correct! Needless to say, I’m a little bit excited. I’ve been incredible baby-obsessed lately, cooing and clucking over babies, kittens, puppies…pretty much anything small and cute. But I’ve always wanted to be an aunty, I think even more than I want to be a mother, so this is super big, happy news.

I can’t wait! I’ve only known for half an hour and I’m already looking at baby clothes and toys online. Of course, this is at the top of the list:

Onesie via Cafe Press.

But I definitely have more shopping to do. Can’t be a good auntie without spoiling the little suckers rotten, right?  

Art Space: Dean Russo Art

I’ve been a little obsessed with art of late. And a lot obsessed with animals, especially cats and dogs. Which makes Dean Russo’s pop art-ish prints one of my new Favourite Things. These are so much fun, I’d love to have one personalised with my own puppy’s face and hung above her bed… if her bed wasn’t underneath the patio table.

I couldn’t choose just one to share with you, so here’s my four bestest, of course, I’ve included the corgi in honour of Bonnie the Wonder Dog.

Prints (clockwise from top left): The Watchful Cat; Dachund II; Chihuahua II; Corgi; Ragamuffin.

Prints (clockwise from top left): The Watchful Cat; Daschund II; Chihuahua II; Ragamuffin; Corgi.

All these, and many more fantastic prints are available from Dean Russo Art on Big Cartel. There’s also a great range of tees, iphone cases (wish he did Samsung ones), and doggy accessories to choose from.

Pop over and check him out.