New Things


This is my new toy… or at least the box that it came in. To be honest I can’t decide if the phone or its box is prettier!
I’ve had a Samsung II for the past year and a bit, and have nothing but good things to say about it, so I knew I’d go a Sammy when I upgraded.  Totally worthwhile! Here’s the three things I love most about it:
– The camera.  13megapixels. What more can I say?
– The keyboard.  I know It’s not for everyone, but I LOVE Samsung’s Swype keyboard.  It’s so much quicker and easier for someone like me, who has fat fingers.
– The bonus Google Play fifty dollar voucher. Okay, technically that’s not a phone feature, but I’m too cheap to pay for apos, so this allows me to customise my new toy without spending a cent.

Time to go buy some apps.


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