Hungry kids, Full Kids.

Yesterday I was absent. To be honest, I forgot to blog because I was having such a lovely day. Oops.

I spent yesterday catching up with my pal, Kaos and her husband. We op-shopped, picnicked in the sun, and didn’t really worry too much about schedules or time-frames. It was a lovely day followed by a great night. Miss Vodka joined us for a very disorganised dinner before heading out to a gig. First up was a local Toowoomba band (who’s name I can’t remember, sorry), followed by Brissie’s lovely Little Scout who I always enjoy. Finally, the headlining act, Hungry Kids of Hungary. These guys:

These guys are pretty awesome. Sadly, the crowd—a typical small-town pub crowd—was less than spectacular, and ended up driving us out before the gig finished. Bummer. Not a problem though, we headed home for some late night cheese and crackers and a sleepy chat.

Today was a food extravaganza. Breakfast with Kaos and hubby before they headed home, Father’s Day lunch, cupcakes, ice cream, cocktails. I’m so full I don’t think I’ll need to eat tomorrow at all.

How was your weekend?


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