Man oh Man

You know what’s crazy? I’m almost thirty. Thirty! When I was five I thought thirty was almost dead. Ergo, I’m almost dead. Okay, not really, but I am getting old, which is what I use to appease myself every time I’m freaked out by my attraction to gents with a touch of silver locks. Real truth: I like old guys. There. I said it. My secret attraction is out. I should probably say older guys rather than old guys.  It’s not like I’m hot for eighty year-olds, just guys with an edge of maturity.

At first, I thought this attraction was something physical, so I started trying to figure out what it was that was so sexy. Was it the greying hair, the wrinkles, the old-man tummy? Thankfully, while a touch of silver is definitely sexy, the wrinkles and middle-aged spread were not on my list of turn-ons. And yet, I still found myself drawn to the forty-, and even fifty-something men rather than the boys my own age.

Did you spot the key difference in that last sentence? It took me a while, and a lot of years of vehemently denying the attraction. You know what it is, though? It’s men vs. boys. (I’m about to make a huge generalisation!) See, somewhere between their mid- twenties and mid-thirties, guys seem to morph into gentleman. They go from cocky to confident, suave to sophisticated, polished to debonair. And Voila! Now they’re hot as all hell.

Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t younger men who don’t have this charming touch, but they’re hard to find…and almost always gay. I’m also not saying all older guys are such urbane gents—in fact, I’m pretty sure none of the men in my family would fit this category. But, for the most part, there’s some extra level of character that seems to dull down the triteness and boyishness. I love it. It makes a man seem less arrogant, more approachable, and sexy as hell. And you know who I think I have to thank for this mature attraction? This guy:

Found here.

Ever since the first time I saw pretty woman—I couldn’t have been much more than ten—I knew I wanted a man who would make me feel better when some bitch made me feel worthless, rescue me from the Stuckeys in my life, and just love me—warts and all. And do it all while with confidence, strength, and aplomb. Oh, and while looking devilishly handsome, of course.

What’s your secret attraction?


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