NIIA Week: Michael’s Back!

This week in America it’s National Invisible Illness Awareness Week, which I’m shortening to NIAA Week, because I really don’t want to type that a thousand times. I did some research and it turns out that not only is NIAA Week reasonably new (starting in 2002), there is no Australian, or international equivalent—the Aussie sites simply link to the American one…so, I guess that kinda makes it international.

Anywho, as someone with two invisible illnesses (ME/CFS and PCOS), and a collection of friends who also have invisible illnesses, awareness is a pretty big deal for me. So this week is going to be dedicated to just that.

Tomorrow I’ll share more, but for tonight, the most exciting thing I’ve discovered today: Michael J Fox is coming back to TV Land! His new show, The Michael J Fox Show, which airs on NBC this fall in the US, is all about a guy with Parkinson’s Disease—the same chronic illness Fox suffers from. Now, technically Parkinson’s isn’t completely invisible, but it can certainly start that way. Either way, I’m just excited to see Fox back on TV! He’s always been one of my favourite actors, and has remained on my Top Three Celebs to Invite to Dinner list since I fell in love with Alex P Keaton as a kid.

If you’re as much as a fan as I am, check out the official trailer:

And check back during the week for more on Invisible (and generally lesser recognised) illnesses.


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