Give a Girl a Break.

I’ve had a bit of a hectic past couple of weeks—literally and figuratively—hence the lack of posting. Most of it has been spent alternating between driving myself into the ground, and sleeping the days away. I could blame the weather, or my hormones, or my inability to say ‘no’ when I really need to, but it’s really just a case of me not looking after myself.

Huh. That wasn’t really meant to be a segue into today’s post, but it kinds works. You know who else doesn’t seem to be looking after herself? Miley Cyrus. Yeah, uhuh, I’m totally going to weigh in on the whole “Miley gone cray cray” debate. Not something I thought I’d be doing, but hey, did you ever expect to see Hannah Montana and Beetlejuice dry-humping at the VMAs?

Here’s what I think (because the opinion of a semi-anonymous, weirdo from nowheresville totally matters). I think Miley’s lost it. I think she’s done the child-fame two-step, and is waltzing her way into the twenty-something nutso phase. I definitely think her performance at the VMAs was way more MA15+ than PG13. And I think she absolutely needs to slap her stylists silly for letting her go on stage in that beige get-up that only served to make her look unattractive, as well as nuts.

But, you know what else, I think she’s maybe in need of friends more than enemies right now. Hollywood, and the media in general, have this brilliant way of taking a celebrity’s worst moment and turning it into who they are as a whole. We watch it, read about it, listen to it, and we form our opinions about these people based on a single splash of their lives. How is that fair? Why do we let them have so much say over our decisions and opinions? And, more importantly, who dubbed us judge and jury?

If your less-than-perfect moments were splashed over the tabloids, could you be sure you’d be received well? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be, especially if those moments were taken from my early twenties, when I was angry, lost, and hanging out with people I’d never consider talking to now. I’d be a Miley, for sure. Perhaps even verging on a Britney. How about you? More of a Lindsay, or perhaps a Winona? And there it is, case and point, four women known purely for a small collection of actions.

Now, I’m not saying Lindsay and Britney didn’t/don’t need help—clearly they suffer from some pretty serious addiction issues. I’m not denying Winona should be punished for stealing. And I’m certainly not saying Miley is a-ok, because she’s probably  in need of an intervention of some sort. But she’s also a person. And people don’t tend to react positively to being called a a nasty whore, a dirty tramp, or any of the other mean quips she’s been labelled with in the past month or so. Seriously peeps, give the kid a break, she’s twenty!

Oh and while you’re at it, maybe remember she has a whole team of advisors, and agents, and artistic director-types who help her make decisions about, say riding a wrecking ball, naked. She pays an entourage of people to help her decide how to best sell her image. So if we’re going to lay blame, how about we throw a bit their way, while we’re at it? I mean, I’m pretty sure the planning of that clip wasn’t simply Miley saying, “so, for this song I wanna lick a hammer and swing around naked, and I won’t take no for an answer”. At some point the record label, and all the other people with their name on her brand have to ok that shit.

And since we’re pointing fingers, how about we also point some at all the other female artists currently running amok. I love Katy Perry, but she does seam to have a slightly over-sexualised persona. The Lovely Beyonce, can’t seem to afford a whole outfit for most of her stage performances. And Rihanna, as far as I can tell, doesn’t really know the appropriate time or place for a bit of self-love, either. Oh, and don’t forget the boys. Mr Disney, aka Justin Timberlake, had a little issue with his ‘breast’ friend, Janet a few year’s back.  And let’s not forget, Robyn Thicke was part of Miley’s VMA act…but hey, he’s a guy, so it’s ok for him to have naked girls grinding on him, right?

The point of this rant is really just this: maybe give the girl a break, and, while you’re at it. a bit of credit for being so gutsy. Yeah, gutsy! Because I don’t see you or I battling paparazzi daily at the age of fourteen, or standing on stage in just our underwear in front of millions of people, or dealing with the backlash from a small moment in their lives and not losing our shit completely.


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