New Year, New-ish Heidielka

How did you bring in 2014? I spent it eating copious amounts of cheese, delicious moussaka, and eton mess, while cavorting with some of my very favourite girls, and a collection of their men. As always, we laughed and talked far too loudly, made copious inappropriate comments, and all went home with sore bellies from too much food and giggling. It was a wonderful night.

Now, to the elephant in the room. I have awol a long time. Here’s the thing: sometimes life is just enough to keep me away, sometimes I’m actually busy, and sometimes I just can’t face the whole thinking process. I don’t mean to disappear, or skip days/weeks, but sometimes time slips away, and I end up crawling in bed at the end of the day without even the slightest inspiration or desire to turn on my computer. So, from now on, no promises of every day, or even every week. For now, promises simply to blog when the mood strikes, and hopes that the mood will strike regularly and with great fervour. In fact, it’s kind of one of my resolutions.

We’ll talk more about resolutions tomorrow. For now, I want to wish anyone who’s stuck around a very happy, prosperous, and healthy new year. may 2014 be your year to shine. I’m going to make sure it’s mine.


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