Hectic Heidielka

Last week was hectic.

I signed up to do a wedding for a family friend, and, while it was a paid job, I ended up spending close to five hundred dollars of my own money to ensure everything was completed in time. A lot of this excess was based purely on my inability to be tough on people. I didn’t stipulate additional costs for extra requests after the contract was signed—rookie mistake. I let my excitement get the better of me, and offered to hand-make all the linens, so everything would match perfectly from the ceremony to the reception. And because we were struggling to find a caterer willing to do a wedding breakfast at 8:00am, I also offered to cater the wedding, using only two very dodgy barbeques to cook for sixty people.

This all would have been okay if the bride and groom hadn’t decided to make adjustments to almost everything the week before the wedding. Because I hadn’t made any stipulations in the contract about alterations I felt obliged to agree to all their changes. This meant remaking half the linens, altering the catering equipment order, and spending the five nights pre-wedding desperately reorganising everything. Like I said, rookie mistake.

Anyway, that’s what happened last week. The wedding was on Saturday, and we ended up getting through it…just. Sunday morning was my sister-in-law’s baby shower, which I was also organising, meaning Saturday arvo was spent cooking. And Sunday afternoon was a neighbours Bridal shower, so more cooking. To add insult to injury, Friday I managed to sew myself to my sewing machine. Seriously, through my thumb nail and out the other side. With all overworking I woke up on Saturday morning with a migraine and a very upset stomach, and spent most of the weekend feeling like these guys:

What have I done the past few days? Watched tennis. I’ve dubbed this the Week of Recuperation, which is really just an excuse for me to loll around the house in the air-conditioning. My only tasks for the rest of the week are to apply for jobs, and blog. Both of which I plan to do copious amounts of in the next few days.

How was your weekend?


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