Resolute: January Recap

Hey hey! If you’re an Aussie you’re brain is finishing that with “it’s Saturday!”. It is, isn’t it?

Anyway…it’s February! Yay, right? It should be, it’s my birthday month. But I actually hate February, because it’s, quite literally, EVERYONE ELSE’S Birthday in my family as well. Okay…that’s a bit of a stretch. I do, however, know someone on every day in February, except for the thirteenth. Anyone on that date wanna become my friend, so I can bingo it? So, basically, February is Buy All the Presents month. Which I would totally love (because I really do love buying people stuff), except for the whole not having money thing.

Which is a great segue into my update on January’s resolutions, seeing as one of them is all about having monies. Let’s begin there shall we?

I swiped this from the gorgeous Kristy, at Southern In-Law. I promise to do better next time.

Hmm. This one didn’t go so well. Apart from going over budget on the wedding from hell (story for another time), I also managed to sew myself to my sewing machine, which required immediate medical attention. Bills, bills, bills! Aaaannnd no luck with finding a job. Sad face.

on the upside, I have reigned in my frivolous spending, and cut down dramatically on the amount I waste on fuel/excess phone usage/junk food, so it hasn’t been a total loss. And I have been applying for lots of jobs, I just haven’t found the right one yet. No matter, onwards and upwards, right?

Just because I’ve been spending less on junk, doesn’t really mean I’ve been eating better. I’m still snacking way too much, and not exercising nearly enough. Big fail on the whole chubba-be-gone front. But February has 28 days—the exact amount of time it’s supposed to take to break a habit. Going to nail it goal this month.

Oooh. These ones were fun. I totally got real this month, and stopped overcommitting. Mainly because I spent most of the month completely broke, but also because I was being an Eeyore and dwelling on things big-time. Ergo, did not do so well at the whole letting-things-go challenge. In fact, I would probably say I failed miserably at this one. I’ll try harder this month, I promise.

I totally deserve a gold star for being appreciative this month, though. I’m pretty sure there was a week in there where I said thank you at least a hundred times a day. But I’ve also been trying to find the positives in things more, and focusing on the good I have in my life as opposed to the bad.

So, I’ve had a few wins and a few losses so far. I definitely need to step up my game, but, given the craziness that has ensued this month, I’m pretty proud of myself. February, I’m going to be continuing with all these resolutions and adding another five to the list. Stay tuned for that post in a couple of days. Until then, Happy February!


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