Stupidity Explained

So, last night I posted incredibly briefly. I was not a happy camper, and I was in a heaping amount of pain, thanks to my newly rearranged big toe.

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See, I actually had a reasonably good day yesterday. Woke up early, felt refreshed, no headache for the first time in three weeks. I accomplished a stack of little things, and even managed to save a few dollars. Then, just as I was heading to write my blog post and enjoy a bit of winding down time, disaster struck.

My room is small. It’s not really big enough for my queen-sized bed, and certainly not spacious enough to also fin a giant bookshelf and a chest a draws, but I don’t tend to think or live inside the box. The problem with this is it gives me a very narrow walkway to squeeze through whenever I want to get into bed, or rifle through my draws. I’ve adapted though, by performing a sort of ‘step-over’ more right at the corner of the bed. Which totally worked…until last night.

Last night, you see, I was wearing a pair of really comfy, wide-leg, beach pants. I love these pants with all my heart, but they often cause me to become attached to random objects. I’ve caught the pant leg on draws, doors, chairs, and, on the odd occasion, my own foot. Last night was a foot-catching episode. As I went to perform my regular corner step-over, my right toe caught in the left leg of my pants. Scrambling to prevent myself from clocking my head on the window sill, I grabbed at the bed, falling with on leg either side of the bed corner. And my right toe still very attached to my left pant leg, but not so  attached to itself.

Voilà! One broken big toe, which is still incredibly sore tonight. The bruising is still slowly coming out, and I can’t put any pressure on it, so I’ve been hobbling around all day on the side of my foot. Unfortunately there’s not much can be done with broken toes, so it’s strapped and elevated for now, and I just have to wait out the healing process. On the upside, it forced me to require a new pair of shoes that would accommodate the strapping and swelling, so it hasn’t all been tears and tantrums.

Hope your week has started better than mine!


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