Resolute: March’s Two

Resolute - Mar Img

I was feeling mighty good tonight. I woke up early and ate my usual yummy poached eggs brekkie. I slaved over four job applications. I exercised, took a friend out for coffee, and made a delish veg dinner. Accomplishing multiple resolutions in one day had me on a high. Then I went on Facebook, and discovered I’d forgotten Shrove Tuesday—resolution fail! Bugger.

But! But, what if I was to have pancakes sometime early tomorrow? It’s still going to be Tuesday somewhere in the world until around lunchtime tomorrow here. So, technically, as long as I have pancakes sometime tomorrow morning, I’ve still remembered Shrove Tuesday. Right?

I’m going to pretend you all said yes, and move on to talking about March’s resolutions. I’ve only got ten left now, so from here on out there’s only two per month, and this month’s is particularly easy!

Remember Shrove Tuesday
When I was a kid my favourite part of Easter, even more than the copious amount of chocolate, was Shrove Tuesday. This magical day was the one day in  the year when dinner was swapped in favour of a decidedly sweeter affair. For those not familiar with this Christian observation, Shrove Tuesday is the considered the last Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Traditionally, being that Lent is a time of giving up more worldly pleasures to look inwardly and repent for wrongs done, the Tuesday was a time of feasting, as a last opportunity to indulge and remove richer foods before the fasting began. As a kid though, it always just meant Pancakes for Dinner!

Pancakes! Almost everyone loves pancakes, right? As I’ve gotten older I’ve found I can take them or leave them for the most part. They can be too doughy, too heavy, or simply too sweet for me. Their French cousins, the crêpe, I find much more palatable. Thin and light, with just a touch of colour, the crêpe is my perfect version of the pancake.

I’d hoped to remember Shrove Tuesday this year, not just as a chance to indulge in a heavenly dessert, but as a start to Lent. While I don’t go to church regularly, and don’t pray as often as I should, I do consider myself a Christian, and try to act in a Christian manner in my daily life. For me, Lent has always been something that I try to abide, as it is a time to refocus not only my faith, but my beliefs and morals as a person. It is a time I can use to take stock of who I am becoming, and decide how I where I want to go in the future to improve myself.

As Lent starts tomorrow, I will be abstaining from midnight tonight for forty days. However, what I choose to give up isn’t edible, so I can still have my pancakes tomorrow, and still call it Shrove Tuesday if it’s in the morning. My mum will also be happy with this—as my love for pancakes has waned, hers as grown to rival even the most vehement pancake lover.

Take More Photos
I thought this would be hard for me. I’m one of those people who is really bad at remembering to take photos, even though I always have a camera on hand. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good photo, I just always seem to get lost in the moment.

Then this little guy came along:


And now I can’t stop Snapping, no matter how hard I try. HC isn’t even two weeks old, and I’ve already taken over one hundred pictures of him. Not all of them are good, but they’re all still saved in my computer and on my phone, ready to pull out and brag about at a moment’s notice.

I’m also going to try to take more photos of everything else in my life. My friends, family, Bonnie the dog. I’m sure there’ll be hipster food shots, and a few cooking snaps. This is going to be a year of happy snaps, arty stills, and precious moments, for sure.

Needless to say. I’ve got this month’s resolutions in the bag already.


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