The Good and the Bad

A few weeks ago I lamented about the state of my poor fluffy friend, Bonnie. I was scared that the lump the vet had checked would be big, bad, cancer. The bad news is, the lump was a tumour—a smooth muscle tissue tumour, to be exact. The extra bad news is that she has also started developing a separate tumour in one of her mammary glands, which is a bit iffy, as it can spread to the lungs and cause cancerous growths. Because of her age and the location of the tumours, we can’t do much. Operating would likely be too stressful, and wouldn’t be 100% successful in removing the full tumour. Not great.

The good news is that, at this stage, the lumps are not likely to be hurting her.  So the plan is to watch the lumps and hope they don’t grow too much. When they grow, then we get concerned and start considering options. Until then, she is getting lots of love, pats, treats, and cuddles. And she’s loving it!

Hurrah for the pup being okay! In celebration of her semi-positive results, here she is in her bed:



Yes, that really is where she sleeps. every time we repair it, she rips the bed apart again and crawls inside her self-made cocoon. I think in a past life she may have been a caterpillar.


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