Green Eggs and Ham?

Did you know there are breeds of chicken that lay green or blue eggs? And you can even cross-breed with other breeds to get olive and pink eggs? I had no idea until tonight. My aunt gave us some fresh eggs from a neighbour, mentioning as she left that there was a green egg in there as well, because they have  a special green-egg-laying chicken. Of course, I didn’t believe her, so I opened the carton to have a peek at this green egg. Here’s what I found:


A decidedly green egg. A very pretty green egg indeed.

Now, don’t worry, the egg itself is not green, only the shell. The chicken producing these pretty eggs is most likely to be an Araucana or an Ameraucana. Cross-bred from two South American breeds, the Araucana are a hardy chicken, usually happy to be picked up, but also content to roam the garden, making them both excellent layers and great pets. Standards differ from country to country, so they can be tufted or non-tufted, and tailed or rumpless, depending on region. Huh? Here’s a diagram for you:

I’m not so sure about the tufts, but I kinda like the whole rumpless look they’ve got going on. And I definitely like the whole rainbow egg sitch.

What do you reckon? Would a green-hued egg at breakfast weird you out?


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