Art Space: We Care

“We Care” by Lee Boyd, created for the NSPCC Changing Childhoods Appeal.

I originally found this artwork on Saatchi Online, but try wherever possible to trace art back to its most original source in the hopes my readers will find something they love, and invest some energy in supporting the artist.

I did this with the work above, “We Care”, by Lee Boyd, and discovered this piece was created as an auction piece for the NSPCC Changing Childhoods Appeal, Northern Ireland. The appeal—an online auction—is aimed at raising funds to help end child cruelty in Northern Ireland, as part of NSPCC’s goal to do the same throughout the whole of the UK.

I love this artwork by itself, but wanted to share with you the meaning behind it, and encourage you to check out the online auction. Maybe you’ll find something you love, and be able to add a lovely artwork to your house while supporting an incredibly worthy cause.