Belated Explanation

So, I actually wrote a post explaining that I was going away for two weeks, but I didn’t post it. Well, I did…I just forgot to hit “Publish”, so it didn’t post to the blog. But, let’s not get technical. Suffice to say, I was away for two weeks. I was on holidays! Although, to be honest, it wasn’t much of a holiday. Lots of driving, and visiting, and the like. But it was at the beach.

This was my view every morning while I ate my breakfast:


Not bad, eh? I probably shouldn’t rub it in by telling you we stayed for free. My brother has an incredibly nice (incredibly wealthy) friend, who kindly donated two weeks’ stay in his rental property to my parents, and I got to tag along to keep them company.

Anyway, I’ll stop bragging. Tomorrow I’ll be back with regularly scheduled programming. And probably some ranty guff as well.