Fashion Friday: Paperface Studios

I opened my computer racking my brain on what to write about tonight, and found I didn’t have to worry at all—I’d already left myself the perfect reminder. Wasting time this afternoon, I came across Paperface Studios on Etsy and, falling totally in love with the beautiful jewellery, left the page open to blog about it later. And then promptly forgot. I have the memory of a fish.

But enough about me, let me tell you about Paperface Studios. Marcella’s Etsy store is filled with whimsical and lovingly crafted jewellery, all hand-crafted and made from beautiful materials like sterling silver, brass, and glass. Her current items include an array of stunning necklaces, sweet earing, pretty bracelets, and intricate cufflinks from the downright cute (little black sheep), to the charming (real dandelions in lockets). What’s more, she does custom orders, so if there’s something you like, but want to change it up a bit, she can totally do it for you.

Fashion Friday - Paperface Studios

 Store: Paperface Studios

Store Locations: Online, via Etsy

International Shipping: YES! See delivery info for details.

Best Bits: Handcrafted jewellery made from sterling silver, brass, glass, and resin. Great range of styles and intricate designs, many coming in a number of colours or shapes. Ready-made and DIY items available, as well as custom order options. Great quality images and descriptions, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Reasonably priced—even more reason to buy up big (not that I need it). All necklaces include chain at no extra cost.

(All prices in AUD, based on current exchange rates)

1. Tarnish-free Silver Antlers on Sterling Silver Chain: $30.65

2. Silver-plated Wishbone Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain: $24.52

3. Silver-plated Pinwheel Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain: $22.48

4. Sterling Silver Bird Bracelet: $20.43

5. Red Heart Glass Locket Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain: $26.56

6. Tiny Sand Dollar Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain: $26.56

7. Dandelion Locket Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain: $26.56


Dress Me up, Take Me Out. Vol. 12: What to get a Shoeaholic–Zomp

I’m a shoeaholic. Seriously, I once owned over eighty-five pairs of shoes—eighty of them purchased within an two year period. These days, my collection hovers around twenty pairs, just enough to be a pain in the butt when moving, not enough to ever have the right shoes for the right outfit.

Tonight I found my shoe heaven. It’s a store called Zomp in Brisbane City. Oh my! Italian leather, American retro, local ingénues—best­ mix of brands you could imagine. Of course, they’re not cheap—most of the full-priced line sits around the $AUD250 mark, but every shoes I tried on was made from the absolute best fabrics, and all were incredibly comfortable.

Now, having worked in retail for eons myself, I won’t recommend a place unless the stock is good and the staff are legendary. Good stock—check. Legendary staff? We walked in five minutes before closing time and they happily met our request to try on ten pairs of shoes each. They were friendly and chatty the whole time, and didn’t attempt to push a sale, but offered excellent service and honesty. So I’m totally recommending them.

If you’ve got a shoeaholic you need to buy for this Christmas, check this place out. And if you don’t, check it out anyway and buy yourself some pretties for Christmas. If anyone asks, tell them I told you to treat yourself.

Sorry boys, girls only.

Store: Zomp

Store Locations: Locations throughout Australia, and online.

International Shipping: Only Australia ($15) and New Zealand ($30) at this stage.

Best Bits: Great range of quality and luxury brands, with an excellent variety—you’re bound to find something to suit any girls taste. Friendly staff with great knowledge of product and genuine interest in both the customer and the shoes. While the full-priced lines aren’t cheap, their sale stock is usually drastically reduced—Italian leather sandals for $95? Yes please!

Dress Me Up - What to get a Shoeaholic image

(Left to Right, all in AU Dollars)

–       2 Baia Vista, “Helpful” Black/Yellow (Printed Pony Hair Leather Upper. Leather Lining. Synthetic Sole): $75.00—ON SALE!

–       2 Baia Vista “S-361” Tobacco (Leather Upper. Leather Lining. Leather Sole): $95.00—ONE SALE!

–       2 Baia Vista “17601” Green (Woven Leather Upper. Leather Lining. Leather Sole): $135.00

Manufacture Dessai “20053” Taupe (Suede & Leather Upper. Leather Lining. Synthetic Sole): $215.00

Nailed it: Peppermint Candies

I love nice nails. The more fantastic, the better. Sadly, my nails chip and break so easily I never really bother to make them look pretty, except for special events and at Christmas. This year, I’m going to try something like this, but maybe minus the sparkles.

Holiday Watermarble nails from Christina at Let then have Polish.

Holiday Watermarble nails from Christina at Let then have Polish.

Dress Me Up, Take Me Out. Vol.10: Finding Your Style

I’m wrecked.

I’ve just made it home from Chica’s valedictory celebrations and am pining for bed. This means no fashion fancies to share tonight.

Instead, a quote I live by. Because finding your own style is all about knowing what you like, not what fashion dictates you should wear:

Dress Me Up, Take Me Out. Vol 8.: Disability vs Fashion Empowerment

This week’s fashion fix is a little different, because I wanted to highlight something I believe strongly: difference doesn’t have to mean disability.

This TED talk by Aimee Mullins is the perfect example of this, not to mention it had me welling up with excitement and joy with her by the end.

Dress Me Up, Take Me out. Vol.7: Dear Gladys

Have you met Gladys? Let me introduce you:

Dear Gladys could be your favourite aunt, a kind grandmother or charming neighbour. Gladys welcomes you into her home which smells of freshly baked scones and tea. Gladys is always a lady of style and good taste.

She values the personal touch of hand picked flowers, a beautifully penned letter and a conversation with an old or new friend.

Dear Gladys is a Melbourne-based boutique vintage store, selling clothing, accessories, and homewares. It is also a not for profit social enterprise, creating revenue to support Fitted for Work—an organisation which focuses on provided appropriate and well-fitted clothing for women experiencing disadvantage and looking for work.

Dear Gladys means that not only have they found a way to remain financially viable long-term, Fitted for Work staff can ensure their focus is clearly on the women they support.

Now, I’m all for vintage lovelies at the best of times, but vintage with heart—BEST THING EVER! Why? Apart from knowing my money is going to something really worthy, it means that I can be assured my purchase is both a socially and ethically responsible. And it eases the guilt of buying that extra item I just had to have.

Oh, and if you happen to live in Melbourne, head to the store on a Saturday for free cookies!

Store: Dear Gladys

Store Locations: Northcote in Melbourne, Australia, and Online

International Shipping: YES! Shipping costs vary, see delivery info for details.

Best Bits: Excellent sizing and garment care information. Gorgeous range of clothing and homewares, as well as a small collection of beauty products. Not-for-profit enterprise supporting Australian women, meaning your new pretty dress allows another gal to feel great too. FREE COOKIES on Saturdays—‘nuff said.

(Left to Right, all in Australian Dollars)

–       Enchanting Cinderella Dress: $249.00

–       Graphic Print Maxi Dress (polyester): $69.00

–       Mary Charmaine 50’s Day Dress (100% cotton): $189.00

–       Black Floral Kaftan (polyester): $65.00

–       Pretty Puppies Skirt: $49.00

Dress me Up, Take me out. Vol.6: Rokit

I’m a vintage addict. My friends can attest to this, as can most people that have known me more the five minutes. Take me to an op shop or vintage store, and you will inevitably hear “oooh, look at this!” and “how cool is that!” leave my lips far too many times. Buy me vintage and you win my heart.

While vintage in every form woos me, due to my limited living space I  try to avoid buying vintage hoemwares (with little success). Vintage clothes, on the other hand, are always never off limits.

The past few years have seen a huge resurgence in the love of vintage wear, thanks to big-name celebrities donning old-school gowns and gear. This bums me out (see, I even talk like a relic), because it means that the stuff I once snapped up for a few bucks now requires a savings plan. Thanks a lot Sienna Miller! That being said, it’s not impossible to find places that still sell reasonably-priced, high-quality vintage, both locally and online.

Rokit is a reasonably new find for me, but I’m already mildly obsessed. The site is broken down into a great range of categories, and includes an excellent sizing chart to help make sure your measurements match theirs. Each item is described well and, while the images are limited to a few per item, they are clear and well-sized.

The clothing itself is a brilliant mix of vintage from various eras, with some great designer pieces jumbled in with regular vintage items. The prices, while hardly bargain-basement, are generally much cheaper than other online vintage stores, and seem to match with the quality and likely popularity of each item.

Here’s a few of Rokit’s items I’ve been ogling lately:

Store: Rokit—True Vintage Clothing

Store Locations: Various London localities, and Online

International Shipping: YES! Shipping costs vary, see delivery info for details.

Best Bits: Excellent easy-to-use sizing charts. Great range of styles from various eras, excellent size range, and well thought-out categorising. Price options for Pounds, US Dollars and Euro, with price given both with and without VAT.

(Clockwise from top left. All in US Dollars)

–       Dark Green Leaf Print Dress (100% polyester): $53.92

–       Black and White Circle print Dress (100% polyester): $53.92

–       Colourful Houndstooth Print Pencil Skirt (cotton/rayon blend): $38.51

–       Navy Marching Band Themed Skirt (wool): $46.21