I found this while trolling the internet this afternoon. I figured, as a proud ginger, I really had to share it. Also, it’s hilarious, and a little scary.



Infographic: Gluten Free

As someone who is currently trying desperately to be gluten free, and also has a large group of gluten free friends, I hate that going out for dinner often means either limiting yourself to about twenty percent of the menu. I also hate being that annoying customer who makes a million alterations to a dish, because I know that chefs put a great deal of time and effort into creating menus to show off the produce they use, and their kitchen’s skills.

I know it’s my choice to be gluten free, and I should just deal with it and order something off the menu that I can eat as is, but that sucks. Usually that means a steak and vegetables, possibly without any sauce, as a lot of restaurant sauces contain gluten. For a number of my friends who also happen to be vegetarian, or lactose intolerant, or allergic to nuts, it limits their choices even more. For one gent I know, it means he has to call ahead whenever he goes out to confirm there is actually something on the menu he can possibly eat—he’s gluten, fructose, sucrose, lactose, and acid intolerant (intense, right?). So, this infographic makes me happy, because it’s all about encouraging restaurants to adjust to a gluten free-friendly menu. Kind of want to print a stack and do a secret letterbox drop around toowoomba. Seriously, this town is not allergen/dietary requirement-friendly.

Found at Eateria.


Fun Fact: Australia Equals DEATH

So, Doghouse Diaries created this nifty world map showing the things each country leads the world in. There some really great ones. Like, did you know that Mongolia leads the world in Velociraptor bones? Or that Bulgarians are better at living the American Dream (owning a home) than Americans are? There’s also a bunch of obvious ones. Japan leads the world in robot technology, New Zealand has the most sheep, and Canadians are the kings and queens of maple syrup.

And Australia? What are we Aussies leading the world in? Ah…death apparently. And not just once, but three times over. Come to Australia, where you’ve got the most chance in the world to get killed by an animal, eaten by a shark, or suffer from Melanoma! Cool. Yep. You’ll be right over. I don’t believe you.

Via Doghouse Diaries. For a larger version, click here.