Music Box: Love is All Around

It’s been a drizzly, sleepy day today. The perfect day for curling up on a chair, listening to bad music, and crocheting, which is exactly what I did this afternoon.

After a lovely lunch with two of my favourite girls, Wabi and Rendez, I made myself a pot of tea, and crocheted to the sound of Wet Wet Wet classics like this one:

It brings me such delight to imagine my future chicldren’s disgust at my music collection.


Music Box: Pharrell Williams

Usually when I get a song stuck in my head I end up going mad within a couple hours, and try desperately to drown it out with something else. Usually the songs I get stuck in my head also really suck. I’m a Little Teapot is a regular, I have no idea why.

This song. This one can stay forever, and I’m sure I wouldn’t mind. It’s so…happy! In fact, it is exactly what I’m like when I’m having a good day—full of joie de vivre, jumping beans, bounce, etc. Whenever I hear it I can’t help but want to boogie….and clap along.

I think I’ve found my new anthem!


Music Box: Phil Collins

Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it. I love Phil Collins. His songs are so epic and intense, not to mention they are the epitome of ’80s music masterpiece. I’m not going to try to convince you of his brilliance, because he’s definitely someone you love or hate. But I’ve had In the Air Tonight stuck in my head all day today, and, even if you hate the man, this song is one that everyone kinda has to love, if only for that classic drum solo.

If you can’t handle the full song, try the second video, because everything is better with a drumming monkey. Just be warned: It may lead to chocolate cravings.


Music Box: Vanilla Ice

Today has been stupidly hot. Usually, even on the really hot days, as night falls the temperature drops pretty quickly. Tonight, though, it was still 28°C in outside at 9:30pm. My water bottle has been a constant companion, with regular fill-ups including as much ice as I could cram in the bottle. Thus, this has been my theme some for the day:


(Broken) Music Box: Gorilla

First of all, I really like Bruno Mars. I love his voice, he’s a sexy man, and most of his music is really good. But how are we making such a fuss over Miley Cyrus, and then letting Bruno Mars release a song about having Gorilla Sex?

I heard this song for the first time while driving home today, and I was so shocked. I was convinced it had to be written by a dirty-mouthed rapper, or at least a comedian being funny. But a serious singer, who writes sweet love songs? Eww, Bruno!

Seriously, people, a couple crazy performances by a young woman aiming for a more grown-up, independent image, versus songs with lyrics like this being played on the radio constantly? I know which I’d rather.